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Third ISRMWR Regenerative Medicine Forum Held in Seoul, South Korea

2021-01-05 01:32

Third ISRMWR Regenerative Medicine Forum Held in Seoul, South Korea

The Third ISRMWR Regenerative Medicine Forum was held on January 6th, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

Kevin Xu, president of ISRMWR; Dr. Aristidis Veves, professor of Harvard Medical School, MD, professor of Regenerative Therapy Surgery of Rongxiang Xu BIDMC, and director of BIDMC Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Medicine Center; Victoria Slivkoff, general manager of Global Strategic Partners and Asia Pacific of the Principal's Office of University of California; Chen Yongchong, standing member of Burn Committee of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and director of Department of Burns, Wounds and Ulcers of Nanyuan Hospital, Being, China; Ding Minghua, well-known professor of treating chronic wounds in China, and Department of Wound Repair of Central Hospital of China Railway 12th Bureau Group; Ding Guangshe, Director of Bonita Plastic Surgery / Dermatology and Former President of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery and other famous experts attended this forum. 

This forum had an in-depth discussion on the clinical application of regenerative medicine and the academic and practical aspects of future development. It opened the dialogue among authoritative experts of ISRMWR and shared the results of scientific research on regenerative medicine.

This forum has become a brand-name summit, encouraging regenerative medicine scientists from all over the world to talk about their research and discoveries and look forward to continuing to cooperate with ISRMWR in the future.

ISRMWR has become an important international platform to promote the worldwide development of regenerative medicine and built a regenerative medicine alliance. In order to link the world's regenerative medicine resources, it has launched the "Regenerative Medicine Destiny Community Initiative" in China and other places and successfully held forums and symposia in the United States, Egypt, China and other countries. It is becoming an important force to promote the development of regenerative medicine in the world.


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