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ISRMWR Joining Hands with 20th ISBI Congress

2021-07-09 03:25

ISRMWR Joining Hands with 20th ISBI Congress

On June 14-17, the 20th congress of International Society for Burn Injuries was held virtually.

At the opening session, ISBI Chairman Professor Naiem Moiemen cited a survey which highlighted ISBI’s past contributions, especially establishing global burn treatment standards. Also, the roadmap for ISBI’s future development has been outlined to give us a perspective into the next decade.

ISRMWR has invited more than 30 international experts to join the congress. In the part of conference speech, 3 doctors shared their unique experience of treating patients with regenerative medical technology-- "Use of Regenerative Medical Technology on a Scalp Defect Secondary to High Voltage Electrical Burn" by James Paul Dumdum from the Philippines, "Clinical Efficacy of Regenerative Medical Technology in the Treatment of Wound" by Tuya Kh from Mongolia, and "Regenerative Medical Technology in the Treatment of Cervical Wound and Erosion" by Nyam-od from Mongolia.

This was the second regenerative medicine symposium led by ISRMWR in ISBI congress, which was in the aim of sharing the latest progress of regenerative medical technology. 2 doctors joined forces addressing us with their remarkable speeches. “When No Burn Center is Available: The Lebanese Experience” by Dr. Youssef Badra from Dar Al Mal University Hospital in Lebanon, providing an input that when there is no availability for surgery, regenerative medical technology could be a promising treatment method. Subsequently, Dr. Nurbol Bakhytkyeryei from Nomun Clinical Hospital in Mongolia, gave us an update of the treatment of a patient with extensive necrosis with infection with the speech entitiled "Results of Regenerative Medical Technology Usage for Treatment of Large Abscess Caused by MRSA", showing how regenerative medical technology turned things around.

Since its establishment in 2018, ISRMWR has joined two ISBI congresses and has become one of ISBI's most important partners. As partnership is growing ever stronger, we have very good reasons to expect more from ISRMWR in the next congress.


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